5 advantages of early sea

According to one theory, the sooner you step on the sand of the sea, the sooner will come the summer. At least in your soul. Significantly, in May and Easter holidays increasingly we find ourselves in places breezes, salt water and fresh grilled fish. Just a few hours away from us there are places where summer arrives in the spring, and we are almost obliged to follow him. But still, what are the advantages of the holiday out season when the beach has no umbrellas in the evening having to put on your jacket?

No crowds

Early Sea is for lovers of peace. For those of you who do not want to advocate the beach towel with seven others, and place in a restaurant waiting in line. In May and June those who rest on the sea, such as you – is unlikely to reach too noisy crowds.

Personal attitudes

Before high season not all restaurants are open, visitors are less and attitude towards customers is much more personal. Only after 2-3 days will already be familiar with the waiter and the owner of the restaurant, and you will be treated like old friends.

Better prices

To attract as many tourists before the start of the madhouse in July and August, travel agencies and hoteliers offer very good prices. So for the same money you can afford a few more days rest.

Time for everything

If you go to sea in May or June, you can spend the hot summer months of high mountains, for example. Or a trip to northern Europe.

Living off-season

If you were in Sozopol and Nessebar in April, you know how different the resorts when there are no tourists. You will have the chance to see the real life of local people, which never could see in August.

Here are five of the best beaches for early sea.

Sardinia, Italy
The southern Italian island will welcome you with fresh air and scent of myrtle and rosemary, which will feel days after returning home.

Ibiza, Spain
Almonds, pears, figs, fish – this is Ibiza outside the tourist season – natural land with rural flavor.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is a fairy-tale world in white and blue. Make your first sunbathing for the year dip in the Mediterranean, eat seafood and salad horiatiki.

Bodrum, Turkey
Early your appearance in Bodrum will allow peace to know the glorious past of the city – namely, here was located the ancient city of Halicarnassus, which was erected one of the ancient seven wonders of the world – Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

Pomorie, Bulgaria
In May can be very cold and very hot on the Black Sea. Have hot days, you do not have to walk all the way to the Mediterranean. Instead, you can sit on a bench to the Yavorov rocks – place in Pomorie, where Peyo Yavorov – a famous Bulgarian writer, loved to seat and today stands a monument. There is convenient ┬áVarna airport Transfer you can use if you choose this destination.

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