How to remove wine stains from your favorite carpet

Image of cat on the sofa

The winter is here. The weather is cold. I’m sitting on the sofa with a glass of excellent Italian red wine in a hand. I’m looking the fireplace. What a wonderful night. It’s a nice picture, isn’t it. Yes, it was…

A story

First of all, I have to tell you that I have a cat. Everybody knows that cats are very interesting, but unpredictable animals. My cat is pretty good, but she is afraid of thunders. So, here begins the story for my favorite carpet. I had sipping from my glass of wine, when loud thunder split the silence. My cat has get scared and jumped on me. I had thrown the glass and all of the wine spilled on my white carpet.vacuum-cleaner-657719_640 What a tragedy. I really loved that carpet. But could I remove the wine stains from it? I started looking for some tips on the internet, but then I remembered that I have a friend who is working in SYK Cleaning – it’s an End of Tenancy cleaning company (visit their official site). She must know the best and the easiest way to clean my favorite carpet. I took the phone and called her. It turned out that the red wine stains are the most difficult to cleaning. I had two choices – try cleaning the carpet by myself with the risk to ruining it or leave it to a pro. I decided to choose the most effective and safety way for me, so I booked a carpet cleaning services. This is the story for my favorite white carpet, the Italian red wine and one scared cat. Thank you SYK Cleaning for the happy end.